Product advantage

Jiangsu Zhengheng Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the manufacturing field of sanitary stainless steel containers for more than 30 years.

Careful study, ingenuity manufacturing, can provide customers with excellent, perfect, efficient non-standard customized solutions, the company has four major advantages:

Non-standard customization

01.Non-standard customization

The company has more than 450 employees,Sales team of more than 30 people, technical team of more than 30 people,There are more than 330 people in first-line production,Inspection team of more than 20 people;With large laser cutting machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC bending, CNC machining center, round machine, cone machine and other processing equipment more than 400 sets;Products involved in biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, powder metallurgy, food, new energy, new materials and other industries,From technical design,To process manufacturing,It can meet the non-standard customization needs of all kinds of customers。

Productive capacity

02.Productive capacity

The company has 119 acres of land area,50,000 square meters of plant area,The building is 15 meters high,Annual production of stainless steel products up to 15,000 pieces (sets),It has more than 330 first-line production personnel,Workshop management of more than 30 people,More than 100 senior technicians,Can meet the needs of mass customization production。

Welding process

03.Welding process

The company has a line of argon arc welders more than 110 people,Among them, more than 80 welders for more than three years,More than 120 argon arc welding machines,It is piped directly to the station through the argon tank,Keep the argon pure,The welder is skilled in many skills such as fish scale welding, gun welding, single-side welding and double-side forming,To ensure the quality of products and different production needs,We can customize all kinds of atmospheric pressure vessels and D1, D2 pressure vessels for customers。

04.Surface treatment

04.Surface treatment

The company has more than 140 first-line polishing workers, including more than 100 polishing workers for more than three years, more than 70 automatic polishing machines, more than 80 manual polishing machines, can provide customers with high-quality mirror, wire drawing, sandblasting, pickling, passivation and other surface treatment processes, surface roughness up to 0.Below 02μm, and no dead Angle, can provide specialized surface treatment process for pharmaceutical equipment, fine chemical industry and other manufacturers。